based on this ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ


Height refs I made for these guys mainly for my own convenience o


A day in the life of King of Caremo and the coucil chief when they’re being, um. Not particularly busy.
(I mean what good is a right hand man’s free time when he can read the morning paper for you? Geez)


twitter doodle dump part 2


twitter doodle dump!! a bunch of kids + their bara grandpas, and disgruntled uncles w their responsibilities


"Hey I don’t know if you’ve noticed that there’s this kid been following us for a while or whether you get the idea that we’re being watc- NEVER MIND HE’S LOOKING RIGHT AT ME"


The suggestion was "A powerswap AU with Jack Black and Pitch Frost!”

Now the suggestion also mentioned the Tooth Palace, which i sketched, but shit happened when i started painting……………

I sort of imagine there are several “mythological/fairytale” beings homes/lairs around the world, though hidden to the rest of us. Pitch Frost is the intellectual curious one, and seek those out, once upon a time he sought out the boogeyman’s lair, which is going to haunt him for a good eternity. (This is not meant to be Jack’s lair, he’s just haunting/stalking Pitch)







you can also do top 3 most and least if you have too many characters nwn

Hi it’s 6am. Give me something other than writing and painting to do?

aaaaa I wanna try thisss send me some and I’ll doodle them!

IF ANYONE FEELS LIKE IT but I’ll probably only draw an answer if you send ONE number

Omg omg please do this this is fun!!! ask box

i’ll do this during breaks if anyone feels like it ^^


some doodles I’ve kept on twitter!!

more of the Durin line of losers + a disgruntled hobbit


i’ve seen hell and it is in the form of an unfortunately handsome insufferable man